Horses are talking, are you ready to listen?

Horse Speak® is a practical system for “listening” and “talking” to horses in their language, instead of expecting them to comprehend ours. Horse Speak can be used by anyone who works with horses, whether riding instructor, colt starter, recreational rider, or avid competitor. It promises improved understanding of what a horse is telling you and provides simple replies you can use to tell him that you “hear” him, you “get it,” and you have ideas you want to share with him, too.

Horses in Translation

Horses in Translation is the much-anticipated follow-up to Horse Speak, the Equine-Human Translation Guide. In it, Sharon uses true stories of “problems” and how they were solved using Horse Speak. Her engaging narrative introduces readers to dozens of real-life scenarios from different barns, various disciplines, and riders and handlers with different experiences and backgrounds. Wilsie highlights her Horse Speak process, the clues that point to the best course of action, and the steps she takes to connect with horses that have shut down, grown confused, or become sulky or aggressive for any number of reasons. The result is a book full of incredible insight and exciting possibilities. Order your copy here.

First Conversations DVD

This DVD illustrates many of the conversations discussed in Horse Speak, the book, showing the conversations in motion, with narration by Sharon to help you develop your Horse Speak senses and skills.    Order your copy here >