About Us

About Sharon

Sharon Wilsie

Sharon Wilsie has enjoyed a professional career as a horse trainer/rehabilitation specialist, intercollegiate coach, and riding instructor. Her grandfather owned and raced Standardbreds, and her love for horses has been life-long. She has developed and implemented several programs over the last decade, including; volunteer training groups for horse rescues and therapeutic riding centers, Equine Assisted Learning course at Landmark College, as well as hundreds of workshops, seminars, and engagements in a variety of topics about Equine Facilitated Therapies, alternative training and rehabilitation methods for difficult horses and horses with PTSD. She worked with students of all ages, including at-risk youth programs. Sharon’s passion has always been to create a two – way street of mutual healing, awareness, and betterment for both horses and  people. Sharon is also a Reiki Master/Teacher.

About Laura

Laura Wilsie is the Operations Manager for Wilsie Way Horsemanship.  Utilizing her many years of business management and customer service experience, Laura keeps the ball rolling behind the scenes. Laura comes from a long line of horse enthusiasts and had experience in many disciplines while growing up. Her love of horses was re-ignited when she started volunteering at a local horse rescue.  There she adopted a PMU filly and met Sharon.

About Wilsie Way Horsemanship

Wilsie Way Horsemanship is based in Southern Vermont and aspires to help bridge the gap of communication and understanding between horses and humans.

Horses are not dogs. This may seem like a simple idea, but the truth is we understand dogs more easily because we live with them. Horses do not sleep on the foot of the bed with us, and so we miss out on a great deal of simply, “hanging out” with them as we may do with Spot in the living room.

One way or another, we have all been indoctrinated into the horse world and given other people’s opinions about how to be with these animals. Whether it was Grandpa’s farm or a riding school, by the time we are investing time with horses as adults, there has been a “way” to which we have learned to adhere.

Yet, many of my students through the years have confessed to me that when they were kids, and no one was looking, they KNEW things about horses that seemed to go against the status quo.

Horse Speak The Equine Human Translation Guide, was developed to bridge the misunderstanding that too often is a source of confusion and difficulties with our horses.

Wilsie Way Horsemanship provides the path back to your own inner truth. The horse has his own Way, and that is the guiding light and source of inspiration for what we do.