Gretchen’s O

Haunted by X’s and O’s

by Gretchen Vogel

Gretchen Vogel, co-author of Horse Speak writes about the messages that our posture sends to our horses.  Were you taught to always have your head up, shoulders squared and chest lifted when around horses?  Read this article and learn how to use a softer, more welcoming position, to help your horse feel safe.  Minding your X’s and your O’s when around your horse will keep the communication clear and transform your relationship.


What’s Your OTTB Saying?

This excerpt from Horse Speak, The Equine-Human Translation Guide can be found on the Retired Racehorse Project website.   Read about Sharon’s first encounter with Joe – a big bay off-the-track Thoroughbred with behaviors that challenged and puzzled his owners.


The “X” Factor

This excerpt from Horse Speak published in On The Horse Magazine, March-April 2017, discusses the Back-Up button and offers a sample Horse Speak conversation that you can try.  The article starts on page 22 of the online issue.



An Interview with the Remarkable Trainer Who Has Decoded “Horse Speak” for the Rest of Us

By Trafalgar Square Books

In this interview with Sharon, Trafalgar Square Books asks the questions that you probably want to ask, too, such as “How does Horse Speak differ from other forms of human-animal communication?”  and “If there is one common message that most horses are trying to tell us … what it is?”