The Breath Messages

At a recent Phase II clinic, Sharon demonstrated and discussed the breath messages that she writes about in Horse Speak, the Equine-Human Translation Guide.  

Creating Relaxation in Horses

Filmed at Equitana in Essen, Germany in March 2019.   Sharon, Linda Tellington-Jones and Wendy Murdock share their perspectives on creating relaxation in horses.

The Dinner Party

One pile of hay, four horses.  How does the family leader, Rocky, manage the situation and keep the peace (Zero)? With Sharon’s narration and still shots that point out significant moments in the conversation, this video will help train your eye and enhance your understanding of Horse Speak.


The Wild Konik of the Netherlands

Body Language Decoded

This video is a collaboration between Sharon Wilsie and Margriet Markerink, author of Wilde Paarden in Nederland, a book about the Konik, a wild horse of the Netherlands.   Margriet provided the original video and Sharon has added narration, circles and arrows to draw your attention to the micro-movements that are key points in the conversation among the four horses.

The first part of the video has no narration, the second part of the video replays the first part with Sharon’s narrative.


Horse Speak Book Trailer

This short video, produced by Trafalgar Square Books, gives a preview of the book and a taste of how Horse Speak Changes Everything.


Horses in Translation – Book Trailer

by Trafalgar Square  Books

“If you are ready to listen, the conversation can begin.”